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Kingswood Press. Digital and Offset printing in Brisbane, Queensland

Welcome to Kingswood Press

We cultivate relationships based on trust..

Kingswood Press offers high quality print solutions to a wide range of clients – from small private businesses to large government agencies, publishers and corporate entities.

Kingswood is a family-owned business established in 1984 by Phil Moody and Mark Keeffe, who continue to actively manage the daily operations. Phil and Marks’ business model focuses heavily on putting people first – both clients and staff – encouraging long-term relationships based on trust, quality and dedicated service.

We nurture and develop the skills of our staff so they can grow with Kingswood. In fact, long-term employee Stuart Strong has now taken on part ownership of Kingswood Press. He offers valuable insights gained from many roles over the past 10 years.

Our workplace culture encourages staff retention through fostering a positive environment of collaboration, teamwork, skills development and open communication. Developing trust is integral to our business success and this is evidenced by our long list of satisfied clients.

We cater to your needs..

With versatile digital and offset capabilities that allow you greater freedom of choice and more creative options for both printing methods. Our Xerox digital press has the ability to overprint with a Clear Dry Ink, similar to an offset spot varnish, which highlights images for visual variety, making them stand out from the page. At last you can enjoy ‘offset’ options on even the smallest digital jobs.

Our talented team will make sure your job is done right!

Our collective expertise and technical knowledge, together with our advanced platesetting systems, bring an assurance of quality and satisfaction, giving maximum value.